Founder & CEO - AppCrown LLC

Founder & CEO - AppCrown LLC

Ted Tsung - The father of online brokerage & fintech

Ted Tsung is an established executive within wealth management. Since 1994, Ted’s name has been synonymous with fintech, inventing and creating the first online stock trading platform. digiTRADE enabled the first stock trade to occur online, and responsible for building such brands such as TD Waterhouse, Scottrade, Pershing, and more. Back then, digiTRADE was used by some of the country's most prestigious securities firms, banking institutions, mutual fund companies and clearing firms. These financial institutions included Bank of America, Bear Stearns, Chase Manhattan, Chubb, CitiBank, Dreyfus, First Union, Norwest, LPL Financial, New York Life, T. Rowe Price and Wexford Clearing Services.  The company was acquired by the Thomson Family, becoming a critical technology across Thomson Reuters Wealth Management solutions.


Today’s Vision for Wealth Management

Wealth management firms and business models are liberated because of modern technology and wireless connectivity. This trend will only increase and worsen with time; we will be living connected lives. As such, our connected lives and our businesses must mirror each other.

What does this mean?

The future is clear; we need to have flexibility with our technology and our vendors/business applications must speak to each other and be highly integrated. The question is, how integrated and flexible is your existing technology system? Are you too reliant on your CRM? Is your CRM highly customized but lacking significant connection points and lacking connected business analytics?