Oct 1-Oct 8 2019

For our 2019 Fall Release, we are updating and readying AppCrown to support the demands of the next generation of advisors.

Here is what we are updating:

- Stronger cyber security across all integrations

- Comprehensive data aggregation across multiple custodians and clearing providers

- RMD monitoring and automation update (new feature) to AppCrown CRM

- Enhances workflow and CRM integration

- Enhances Financial Objective vs financial data tracking (truly integrating financial data with client financial objectives)

RMD Monitor

AppCrown’s RMD Monitor (Fall 2019 Release) deeply integrates and aggregates financial data for an advisory firm into CRM (Salesforce) to finally address issues in scaling and easily managing year end RMD activities. Together with our AppCrown Service Monitor, Salesforce (of any kind, even financial services cloud) is transformed into a true “Wealth Management Cloud”.

rmd monitor .png

Financial Objectives

Set for Fall 2019, Financial Objectives takes our integrations of financial data and planning software into the next level. No screenshots here, you’ll have to schedule time with us to see it and truly experience Salesforce on another level. In short, imagine combining CRM data, financial data and financial planning data to deliver a new financial objective and goal tracking solution.