System Architecture Services

Independent wealth management firms are built around people and systems.

For the typical RIA with $100MM in AUM, you likely have 5 staff employees with a bulk of the time focused on internal administration, client processes and client maintenance work. Too little time is dedicated to prospecting. For RIA’s over $200MM and $3 Billion, the staff has increased significantly, the internal operational workload seems to get larger and seemingly unmanageable with even less time focused on prospecting. Sometimes it feels as if your firm has reached its limits on generating new leads.

Should this situation describe your firm, then you will most likely benefit from our system architecture services. AppCrown focuses on developing a service oriented architecture for your business, connecting systems with people, and then build an entire system architecture for your wealth management firm.

As an independent firm, you’ll be able to:

  • Scale operations and organize administration (at whichever size)

  • Gain control and management of one or more (or multiple) advisors in your business

  • Streamline system workflows and connect with people processes

  • Generate integration analytics to fuel your prospecting and automate client maintenance and follow up work