The Integrated Wealth Management Cloud.

Personalized wealth management cloud with turnkey integrations to your key custodians/clearing and key software vendors, we empower wealth management businesses. We deliver deeply integrated applications that pushes CRM beyond the front office to deeply connect with client service teams, administration workflows and critical back office processes.


What We Give to Wealth Management Firms

AppCrown delivers critical business applications on integrated data for wealth management.

Fast growing RIAs need more than a great CRM, they need to consolidate operations, integrate back office and front office functionality, and scale technology across multiple advisors managing multiple client types.

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Features & Functions

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  • Turnkey industry integrations to wealth management vendors and 3rd party software integrations

  • Sophisticated and automated workflow applications to scale internal administration and client service operations

  • Robust wealth management applications that enable a firm to fully operate in the cloud and streamline compliance & prospect management



The Wealth Management Cloud with integrated CRM and Turnkey Client Analytics

Transform your wealth management business by combining an integrated CRM with integrated data from 3rd party systems yields a sophisticated wealth management cloud.

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The Advisor Apps Within The Integrated Wealth Management Cloud

We believe a business is made up of great people, great solutions and above all else, great applications that are tailored to a specific need.

Here are our library of wealth apps to help you build your own culture and customized wealth management business

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Wealth Plus App

Wealth Plus empowers independent RIAs with an integrated CRM system that automates the integration to 3rd party software (e.g., MoneyGuidePro, eMoney, Advicent, LaserApp etc.,) and 3rd party providers (e.g,. Envestnet, Orion, BlackDiamond, SEI etc.,).

Advisory firms seeking to organize their office, administration and get a “better handle” on all the internal work within a large operation will benefit.


Rep plus app

REP Plus is AppCrown’s solution for broker dealers and large RIAs (with multiple advisors),



Financial Integration as a Service (“FIAAS”), enables firms to consolidate and aggregate all custodial feeds, held away assets, and 3rd party applications into their CRM system.

This is ideal for wealth management firms seeking to take their existing Salesforce Financial Services Cloud CRM and empower it with tremendous financial data and key vendors.


Workflow App

Workflow App is exactly what it sounds like, but hyper tailored for wealth management firms. AppCrown’s workflow supports group assignments, intelligent flow adjustments (mid process to adjust for any real time changes), and a comprehensive master reporting system.


$2 billion+ RIA

AppCrown has been our Salesforce integration partner from Day 1. Their expertise, commitment, responsiveness and creative -thinking have been nothing short of exceptional. They have been a true partner in helping us build a world-class CRM perfectly suited for our business and continued growth initiatives. ”

Mark M. Oswald, CCO/COO

Annex Wealth Management LLC