AppCrown Premier Plus Program

Premier Plus.jpg

Who is this for?

We created AppCrown Premier Plus as the answer for larger RIAs (typically $300MM and above) looking for an outsourced CTO and dedicated technology service & support team.

How is this different from custom development?

Vastly different. AppCrown Premier Plus goes above the custom development work and dedicates a team of individuals to your firm. As your outsourced CTO and technology service team, AppCrown Premier Plus covers custom workflow development, client analytics development, and offers creative solutions for your firm through a collaborative process (e.g., weekly calls and long term development plans that’s exclusively dedicated to your firm).

What makes you special?

Independent wealth management firms need to deliver a compelling message that differentiates their offerings from wirehouse competition and other independent firms. So what makes you special if everyone is using out of the box offerings such as a MoneyGuide Pro or a generic Salesforce CRM? Does these systems reflect your uniquely independent methods to win?

As a team, the AppCrown Premier Plus gets you to the next level and helps you evolve your independent advisory firm.